Shenell Ellis

Sarah Sassone

College Writing 101

December 20, 2015


Dear Rice,

Sigh I am sorry or maybe I am not  to say this in this way but it is over between us I cannot go on with this struggling and suffocating relationship. I am breaking up with you. I know that we have had a lot of history together and this is very hard on me, but I have come to understand what an unhealthy relationship we truly have. I lost interest in you years ago. The fact that I went to boarding school but a bigger strain on our relationship. You were always present in my means and I wished you had just given me the space to explore the world without you always hovering over my back. You maybe didn’t realize but I started not participating in events when you were present. I had to empty my pockets to get a full stomach and the most irritating part of that is that my parents had already paid for all my meals. Kept wasting money to please your selfish ever present ways. You make me so angry and also hungry all the time. I lost interest in you a long time ago so much so that I could not even stand to see you.

If you think about it’s really an unfair relationship. I had to spend double and sometimes triple to please you and feed me. To mask your horrid taste I had to ketchup, mayonnaise and pepper mix them together to give myself a sense of delight. I wish you all the best in life and I hope you grow to realize that you have to change and set people free. But then again you a so short looking like a little maggot there is not much more for you to grow and develop to change your ways.

I hope become a less cost efficient. The most disappointing factor of you annoying behavior is that high levels of arsenic which is poison is found in you. Arsenic concentrates are found in the part of the grain called the germ, which is removed to make white rice. That means brown rice has higher concentrations of arsenic that white rice. At very high levels, arsenic can be fatal. At lower levels, arsenic can cause nausea and vomiting and decrease the amount of red and white blood cells produced by the body. It also causes abnormal heart rhythms, may damage blood vessels, and causes a pins and needles sensation in the hands and feet. You should just go extinct.


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