fed up

By researching why humans weight and how humans to lose it, Fed Up shows how the fast food industry which we love and part take in so much has a secret. People are becoming sick and contracting chronic diseases more of us get sick from what we eat. Fed Up shows how the first dietary guidelines issued by the U.S. government 30 years ago overlooked the role of dietary sugar in increasing risks of obesity, diabetes, and associated ill-health outcomes, particularly in children. Children in the childhood obesity-generation of American children will now live shorter lives than their parents did. The law guidelines effectively condoned unlimited addition of sugar to foods consumed by children, sugar consumption has greatly increased, which also increased child hood obesity everything is being increased. The higher Authority knows that the law passed is risky for children and they know the negative outcome and because of that they didn’t comment during the film. Obesity ranks second to smoking as cause of death. Indeed, it’s implicated in 300,000 deaths each year and is a major contributor to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression.

Supersized portions, unhealthy diets, and too little physical activity certainly contribute to what’s making kids ‘fat.’ These children don’t want to be fat they want to lose weight they try but they are trying to lose weight and the food they are consuming is lined with sugar that can be compared with cocaine.


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